Page not showing up correctly?

I use a lot of CSS in my websites (as everyone should =] ) and I have a problem with my page showing up correctly. The crazy thing is it works perfectly fine at work and home. When I “curl -I” my website, it returns the following:

Server: Apache/2.0.54 (Unix) PHP/4.4.2 mod_ssl/2.0.54 OpenSSL/0.9.7e mod_fastcgi/2.4.2 DAV/2 SVN/1.1.4

At work and I am also running Apache/2.0.54 (windows at work and linux at home). The problem I’m having is that at work and home it works perfectly fine yet when I upload the files to the DH server it looks like crap. The problem I’m having is that I have an absolutely positioned element inside of a static positioned. The absolutely positioned is a table that I am using for the navigation menu and currently is only 3 lines tall. The menu shows/hides onMouseOver on top of other stuff, which is why I need the positioning. Absolute positioning makes it so the space for the object isn’t “used” by the object. So when I absolutely position a table that is 500px tall, it doesn’t take up 500px in the actual page. If positioning was relative, there would be a huge empty spot for that table on the page, even if it was hidden at the time.

My problem: my static is a td inside of a table. inside of that td, I have the other table that is using absolute. At work and home, that td stays the height of a single line of text (as it should). But after uploading to the DH server, that td height is increased to the height of the table that is absolutely positioned elsewhere. I have even gone so far as to purge the site entirely so there is nothing there and reuploading all files just to make sure I didn’t leave out a stylesheet or something.

Has anyone else experienced a problem like this on their server and know how to solve it? Thanks.

It sounds for all the world like a browser issue, but there is no way to tell from your (thorough as it is) description of the problem.

If you shared the url, so we could see the code and stylesheet (or embedded css), we would have a greater chance of success in helping you identify the problem.


Well, oddly enough, I got home and all appears to be well. I made no changes at all. While I was at work, I was running Firefox and IE 6 and it looked terrible. I got home and checked with the same 2 browsers, same versions, and it’s fine. Even checked on my other 2 computers and all looks perfect. It just seemed really odd that I would be sitting at my desk, open it on my local web server and it looked great, then upload it to DH and load it in that same web browser to find it not looking as it did. No idea what happened, but all seems okay for now so I’ll take it as it is. =]

Thank you for the reply rlparker. I would have posted everything earlier but it always makes me feel like I’m just trying to get someone else to fix my stuff. Maybe I’ll be so lucky as to have it display properly when I get back to work tomorrow. Thanks again.