Page not found?


Hello all, I would first like to introduce myself, I am currently a student that is in charge (or just helping out to better word it) of my school’s website content. I am fairly new to anything related to website (besides just accessing them which any computer literate person can do), and I have been running into a problem which I was assigned to do, but am completely dumbfounded on. Apparently there has been some recent problems hanging around our video website, but I don’t really know where to start, would I be looking through the FTP?

I am getting the error of the like:
Not Found

The requested URL /video/“VIDEO TITLE” was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

The website link:

If you are to browse around and click on videos, it works normally, however if you navigate to perhaps the View All button, and then click on the same video (or older videos), this error occurs, is there any idea on what has to be done? I also appreciate anyone that can help, as I hope to be able to support others in the future as well. This happens for all subpages that use View All


Taking a look at the site, it looks as though it’s a custom script. You’ll need to take a look at videos.html (the page for “view all”) and correct the way it generates links.


Much thanks for you dropping by and helping me out.

Well again, I am kind of a rookie at this, is there a defined way of a correct way to generate links? I was basically handed information of the site and play around (obviously not go on a rampage and deleted), so excuse me. Also what would exactly cause this to happen? unless this error or problem has been occurring before I even started helping out, but that is way too obvious to get unnoticed until now.

Edit: I seemed to find the file regarding the videos and thumbnails portion of the viewall, am I looking correctly? If so, I just need help on the “correct way in generating the link” if possible, however it seems to be correct.


Hi there!

So, I and our support team did some browsing around, and noticed some things. I’ll use the category “Sports Round-Up” for instance:

We found that when we click a view link on the main page, the url looks like
When we click a video on the archive page, the url looks like

Those are completely different formats, which is why it’s not working. Why are the urls on the archive page different? Maybe there was a reason for the difference in URLs, but a recent update inadvertently broke the old style? Was there a disconnect between semesters?

It’s never a bad idea to start by logging into FTP and looking around. However, it’s not a good idea to randomly start changing things, so here’s an article that might help you understand how to use FTP:

You might have to fix the links on the archive page to match the style/format of the main page, but I would definitely discuss this with your teacher first before you change anything. Definitely hit up our support team if you need detailed help, and we’ll be happy to assist you: :slight_smile:


Thank you, I will look this over, and yeah I am trying to be very precautious in doing things, for the past week I’ve been browsing around FTP and observing the files and it has definitley helped me out, however I’m just not experienced enough to be trashing around and changing this up as you said. I will follow up with more questions possibly tomorrow, thank you for your time.

Also, what exactly do you mean by different formats? Is there a significant difference between them besides appearance? However it does seem strange, although I have never browsed the particular site a few years back, I’m positive the View All button or archive page has been working for others in the past year. How would one go about changing the format you are talking about?

EDIT: Well I supposed tomorrow I will input a support ticket, what section or category of problem would that classify as mainly? (Really dumb question but I don’t want to be later redirected to have time wasted or get rejected)


By different formats we mean the style of URL is different.

That has a ?view=… part, which is what we call a variable :slight_smile:

That’s a ‘pretty’ URL and has no variables.

When did you guys take your last backup? It almost looks like someone deleted a folder (or file) called video


Appreciate the clarification Ipstenu. I honestly don’t know when the last backup, if any occurred, as I said before, I only started doing this recently to help out, so I’m being very cautious with everything.
All the videos are stored on a separate directory, can you or anyone guide me to fixing this or making it so the problem is resolved?

I got the OK anyways but I would like some experienced insight since well, I know it’s pretty much like spoonfeeding a baby right now but I hope I can be able to get a better sense of this as a result and once again, appreciate all the help!

EDIT: Looking around FTP, last backup was on April 2011


The problem from our end is that someone invented that code. It’s not a standard CMS (like Drupal or WordPress), so it’s a lot of reverse engineering to figure out how the URLs worked.

The best I can figure out, the sports_weekly.html type files are actually PHP, and the ‘view’ parameter is grabbing info from the database. So when you click on the links there, they change the video on the left (cool). The videos appear to be stored in (viewing source on the working pages shows you that).

Looking at the viewall/sports_weekly.html, you have this:

echo "<td><div class='side_details'>Originally Aired $timestamp</div><h4><a href='/video/$file'>$title</a></h4><p>$about</p></td>";

That goes back to /video/filename, but there’s nothing in the video folder, so it dies. I would guess either there used to be files there that are missing, or there was one master file that handled everything.

Past that, it’s really hard to guess :frowning: