"Page Not Found" Please Help 8(

I have two domains hosted on DreamHost–they are accessible in the same ftp site. They are http://iheartcomix.com and http://frankichan.com.

When I created a new directory on one of the domains and put an index.html in it, I see a “page not found” page instead of the index.html that I just uploaded. The page is http://iheartcomix.com/austin/index.html. The attributes on all the files are set to 755. (This is the case for ANY files on the iheartcomix site.)

However when I put the exact same files on the other domain, they show up fine: http://frankichan.com/austin/index.html.

The problem may have something to do with Drupal, a content management system that iheartcomix.com uses. I posted this same issue on the Drupal forums, but they told me it could be a problem with my web host.

Any ideas, insight, ANYTHING would be AMAZING!!

Thank you soooo much!


That site is running, uh, Drupal? Whatever it is it has a .htaccess file that interfers with anything that’s not Drupal (or whatever). Use this wiki example as a guide to make an exception:

And the Frankie site’s main image (extracted.jpg) doesn’t show up for me.