Page loads blank


I’m a pretty novice user, so please go easy on me. I’m not sure why, but my website’s pages load blank unless you refresh the page - then they load perfectly fine. When you click links (internal) on the page, sometimes it works fine but frequently it loads a blank page. I then have to F5 the page to get it to load the page.

Can you explain why? Or better yet, can you explain how to fix this? Is this a DH-related problem? I’ve got Wordpress 2.0 with the Gallery2 plug-in installed, so I’m not sure if it’s a WP, G2, or DH problem.

Thank you in advance!

It could be “theme” or “template” related. I assume you have cleared your cache after editing/adding content, etc.

A little more information would help us help you:

  1. What Browser are you using (version?)
  2. Is there a url or two we can visit to see what it does for us and source we can view?


Thanks for your reply. I haven’t cleared my cache, but I don’t think that’s the problem because other people (from different IPs, computers, locations, etc.) have reported the same problem.

To answer your other questions:
A. Internet Explorer 6+
B. is the website

Thanks again!

Thanks for the info Aaron, and I am seeing the same behavior when I view your site. I’m gonna dig through the generated code a bit and see if I can find the source of the problem.

As a test, you might consider temporarily implementing a different WordPress template, and see if the behavior goes away. You might want to take a look at these google search results concerning your theme and WordPress. It looks like you are not the only one having problems with this combination of WordPress and the “ocadia” theme.

It suppose it could also be that something “stuck” in the WordPress cache on your domain is the culprit. I’ll post back if I find any clues in the template generated code, but I do think you should try to eliminate the template as having anything to do with the problem by trying a different one and see if the problem goes away. At least then we could confirm that the problem is in the “theme” or “template” files.


Thanks for your help, rlparker!

I’ve used every other template/theme WP offers and I get the same problem with every one, so I’m fairly certain that’s not the source.

Let me know what you find, if anything. Thanks again!



I think I found your problem - Yeah, Google! Other Dreamhosters have had the same trouble, and a fix has been found:

This support forum thread describes your problem exactly, and the following “fix” has been determined by a Dreamhost user to “work”:

Found that its a problem with the wp-cache plugin and PHP5.

You need to do the following to the wp-cache-phase2.php file.

Find: ob_end_clean()

Replace with: ob_end_flush()

It seems to be working. Will check back with you all if you need any more help.

You might want to read the whole thread at the link above to assure yourself that this is the “fix”, but I think this nails it.


Wow, you are GOOD! That did it for me - thank you! It works seamlessly now! =)

Thank you VERY MUCH!

Good Deal! I’m glad it is all sorted. :smiley: