Page loading speed question

Hello, I have been a print designer for years and recently started studying web design. I built my portfolio site in Dreamweaver and used roll overs on the portfolio page,
What I am wondering is, I optimized my images in Image Ready, and set my images to pre-load in DW, is there anything else I can do to speed up the portfolio page to load quicker? Sometimes it seems to hang at the last 10% or so. I am also curious as to how quick it loads for you. Thanks.

LIghtning fast for me, connecting via a 2.5 mbps ADSL connection and FireFox It was so fast I wondered at first if it was really finished.

Your experience could be the result of your own browser, cache, system configuration, etc., and could be “temporary” on your end. I’d suggest trying it from your system after a reboot and with only a browser running, and see if you get any improvement in your experience.


I’m getting about the same result as rlparker; quick clean load from hompage (about 7 seconds) in Firefox 1.5.whatever on Comcast. Took about 2-3 seconds longer to load the portfolio page.

No fuss here.

Good to know, thanks.