Page load time very slow on my webstore, unacceptable


I created a web store with OpenCart and I optimized it with several tools. The score that Google assign to me is very high: 86%/100%, and under GTmetrix things are almost that high: 96%/85%.

What concerns me is the first byte time load that is unacceptable, moreover it’s not a constant, sometimes it’s very high up to 15 seconds, sometimes it’s 5 seconds. That suggest me that there might be something wrong with our shared server.

My website is: but I have the same results even in other websites of mine that are hosted on this shared server.

Does anybody have the same problems? Is there a way to improve this performances? You can understand that a web store that takes an average time of 10 seconds to load a product page or a category page is completely useless.

Any ideas?

Thank you. loaded OK for me just now (just a little slow.)
Input URL:
Effective URL:
Responding IP:
Name Lookup Time: 0.001189
Total Retrieval Time: 3.668702

However you may wish to fix those 105 Errors & 8 warnings. Having a standards compliant web site will certainly help how well it renders for the various web browsers.