Page links in my website

My first time in the website creation world… yipes! Paid for dreamhost hosting, got my domain name and working on my wordpress website. I can see and work on my home page, but when I click on my other pages/ links they just show up with the dreamhost robot message that the site owner is working on the site. How do I check my links internally before ever going live? HELP!

Nadiansm here again… so some folks viewed my previous (and first ever!) post but no responses. I probably don’t even know how to ask forum questions correctly?! I think perhaps that I’m not doing something really basic to get my site working? I can access my wp site via, but only the first /home page shows up. I’ve created other pages but clicking on them on the menu just sends me to the dh robot message saying the owner of the site is working on it. I figured out that if I set any of my other pages as the “front page”, that page shows up instead. I’m trying to make a simple site with static pages, perhaps a blog added in the future. Do I need to do something with the ftp thing? I’ve tried wp books and website design books, but no luck. Help…? anyone?

It seems to be a problem with your wp settings. You have installed wp to but the two pages i see you have created are pointing to and your wp install is not there so the pages would not be served from there. In your control panel click on settings and in the general settings both the wordpress address and the site address should be

Thanks Ryo-ohki! It works!