Page issues after upgrade


My Wordpress blog upgraded to 3.4. The home page is fine, but when I try to go to any of the other pages, I get this message:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_page_template_slug() in /home/mwlc/ on line 228

How do I fix this?


Themes have changed a bit changed in 3.4. Yours probably needs an upgrade. Try that from the Dashboard first. If that doesn’t fix it, change to the default WordPress theme to get your site working again.


I am having this exact same issue after upgrading to Wordpress 3.4 this morning.

I have updated themes and tried various up-to-date themes, and I still get this error. Any other tips for resolving this?


As Wordpress says, BACKUP before updating. This goes for WordPress and Themes and all plugins.
Especcially if you like me have done changes in the php files from the themes or wordpress.

If you have done backups, you can just ftp them to your domain/WordPress folder to get your old WP3.32 back.
If not get a theme that updates/is updated to the new WordPress standards. Remember WordPress 4 is coming.

Don’t know what is on line 228, since I have not updated yet myself and WP3.3.2 does have use wp-includes/template.php, but several different templates.

If you know some php you could probably adjust some line(s), but use updated themes and plugins and always be a bit 2-3 weeks slow in updating WordPress, so themes and plugins have time to do their updates. (They should do it in advance with the beta WP, but some are just slow and lazy or have no time)


My problem with on of my domain is following… First e-mail:

"For some reason, we were unable to create a backup of /home/xyz/ in /home/xyz/abc.old. This is only a warning, and we will continue to upgrade your installation of wordpress. You will receive a separate e-mail upon its completion.

The Happy DreamHost 1-Click Robot!"

Second e-mail:

"We just upgraded your install of wordpress as requested at:

Important! Please visit
to update your database tables! Otherwise, you may see database errors or missing entries.

Any custom skins or plug-ins you might have added may need to be re-
installed… your old installation is still available at the same place
you used to have your installation, but with a “.old” tacked on.

If for some reason you need to restore it, just rename the directories
with your FTP client.

The Happy DreamHost 1-Click Robot!"

File permission for and folder is now set to “root root” and I can’t access files, I can’t revert to old version, I can’t download files, I can’t do anything :frowning:

DB upgrade link isn’t working. Entire site is 403.


With any FTP program (filezilla is free) you can log in to your server and set the permission to 755.
After that you can do everything you want. At least I can.

Otherwise you will have to contact support


Ownership of files is set to “root” and not to my username so I can’t change permission. :frowning:

I’ve contacted support but there is no feedback yet. DH support used to be much better few years ago.


Since upgrading is now so easy from within the wordpress dashboard, I think my advice to everyone when they get problems from this upgrade resolved is to turn off dreamhost automatic upgrades in the panel and use the wordpress dashboard options to upgrade in the future. Remember to always back up before clicking upgrade tho, and remember to always keep up with the upgrades since the updates may include security items.


Yeah, from now on… But what to do with existing problem?
All that it takes is for sys admin to do one time chown and my problem would be solved. I thought that they have 24/7 support…


A couple weeks ago I opened and “OMG people are dying” level ticket very early on a Sunday morning and they responded within an hour and 12 minutes. I guess it might depend on how you categorize the ticket.


I used the same category. Site is now down over 24 hours. I see that my site isn’t only one affected ( This means that someone at DH has messed up something.

What can I say to clients? What can I say to my friends that are also on DH due to my recommendations (and no, I didn’t use affiliate links to get them here…)?


I tried to update my theme–didn’t work. I also changed to the Wordpress defalt theme. Still didn’t work. Any other ideas?


I realize it is almost a month later, but this is definitely the result of the upgrader not working properly.

In case anyone is still having trouble:

I solved it by grabbing the entire Wordpress 3.4.1 zip file from and laying it on top of the Dreamhost Installer’s version.


For all one-click installs, please have another copy in a subdomain. Always perform the upgrade on subdomain first. Only perform the upgrade on live domains when everything is ok.

This introduces a bit of staging environment for you to test major changes and will reduce downtime of your website.