Page Issue

My site appears to be down. However, some other sections of the page ( get a quote, FAQ ) are working, although intermittently. How do I solve this problem?

I see you’ve submitted a ticket about this – thanks! One of our techs is actually looking into this for you, so you’ll get an email reply as soon as more info is available. Thanks again!

It seems it might be an issue with the PHP max execution time. Please read through our email for more information, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reply directly to the email. Thanks!

Hi Elle,

I tried creating a custom php.ini file however it hasn’t worked. I sent an email back to support but I haven’t got a response back yet. Below is the email I sent to Jay and also his recommendation.

Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated as the site has been down a few days.



Hi Jay,

Thank you for your help. I created a custom php.ini file however I’m still getting
the 504 error. I’m hoping I created the file correctly. I placed the file here:
user/etc/php53/php.ini and typed “max_execution_time = 180” in the file (and thats
it). I have uploaded a screenshot of what it looks like



I checked into this issue and found that it might be due to an issue with
the PHP max execution time. In order to change the PHP variables you
will need to create a custom PHP.ini configuration file by following the
steps on the page listed below:

Once you’ve done that you can then set the “max_execution_time” to higher
value such as 100-180 seconds and that might resolve this. This appears
to be a problem with the Concrete5 system. I see that you’ve created the
following forum post and that is good as well:

Please attempt to change the max execution time and that should hopefully
help. If that still does not seem to work let us know and we will assist
you further.

Best regards,
Jay T

Hi Rich,

It looks like our team replied to your email earlier today:

[quote]The “phprc” file is supposed to be in your username/.php/5.3/

Please create a “phprc” file and place it in the correct location. [/quote]

Thank you Elle,

I created the phprc file. I have uploaded a screenshot here.

Hopefully this is the ticket.



Your screenshot shows the file as empty (0 bytes). You’ll need to put your desired configuration directives (e.g, “max_execution_time = 180”) in there.