Page Counters

I would prefer to use a DH counter on each of my web pages rather then Bravenet, but do not know how to do it.

The DH code is on my index page… waiting on me. Do I create a file for the counter data, what type of file (.doc, .txt…) and where do I save it?

I am using DreamWeaver software.

DreamHost page counters can be found on this page; however, I would recommend avoiding them if at all possible. They don’t really report accurate information, and they are considered a little “amateurish”, if you get my meaning. You will find a wealth of useful information at your statistics page: (you will need your username/password combination to access it).

Simon Jessey
Keystone Websites | si-blog

I agree that using your stats are a much better way of getting a true count and analysis of your sites’ visitors.

But if you want a site counter that visitors can see so they know how many other people are visiting you, the Dreamhost canned script counter is great.

You should also check out the Kbase articles about it for help getting it set up and running. One thing you can do is have the Dreamhost team change the counter to reflect your current Bravenet hits rather than starting back at zero.

Will do that… thank you both for posting!