Page cannot be found errors

I just signed up for 1 year on dreamhost. But just today I’ve had problems accessing my site. Every once in awhile I’ll get page cannot be found. I can’t even ping my site. But it comes back after a few minutes of trying. I can still ftp into my site just fine but in a browser nothing comes up. It’s been happening all day and this is only the 3rd day of my 1 year plan.

I suggest that you log a support request through the panel, it sounds like something odd is happening with Apache on your server.

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Just signed up on Monday and I’m experiencing the same. It happens every couple of hours and for 10 or 20 minutes the site is offline. Has happened for two days already. Almost a day since I submitted the ticket and no signs from Dreamhost.

My site’s been down for over the past half hour. All I got was an automated response stating, “Outage resolved: No server-wide problem was found.”

It’s my understanding that there is a throttling system in place, presumably to prevent attacks, but in these cases it doesn’t seem to do much more than knock out our sites for annoying periods of time.