"packet bigger than 'max_allowed_packet' bytes"


Ok, I have been trying to restore a 140 MB phpBB database since yesterday with my new DreamHost account to no luck. I’m trying to do it with a program called BigDump.php, as I’m told it was the most straight forward way to upload it.

So, I have FTP’ed the backup SQL to the site, and then run the BigDump.php file only to meet this error:

"MySQL: Got a packet bigger than ‘max_allowed_packet’ bytes

Stopped on error"

I’m probably missing something very easy that I needed to do first, not sure. Or is there a setting somewhere to increase the ‘max_allowed_packets’, or is that against the rules?

Thanks in advance.


If your database is empty, I use this method:
/usr/bin/mysql -uUSERNAME -hHOSTNAME databasename < dumpfile



“If your database is empty, I use this method:
/usr/bin/mysql -uUSERNAME -hHOSTNAME databasename < dumpfile”

I would, but I’m using a subdomain at the moment as I haven’t refigured the Nameservers until everything is working, so I don’t think that command line would work for this current situation.

Thanks though… if it would, then perhaps I’m going about this all the wrong way.


[quote]/usr/bin/mysql -uUSERNAME -hHOSTNA…


just an FYI sdayman, you don’t need to specify the /usr/bin/mysql - all you need is mysql. That is the case for most commands at the terminal.



Should someone screw up their $PATH, full path always works.