Oxwall and wordpress redirects on nginx (404 errors)

Here is what his is happening. The scripts are making the right links. But the actual links are making 404 errors when you try to leave the base index page.

Otherwise, however, I like the performance of nginx. It works well on everything else I have installed.

What exactly do I change? I’ve already changed the scripts so that they’ll be compatible with php 5.2, meaning I don’t need to run a workaround to upgrade php.

regarding oxwall I’ve found this : http://docs.oxwall.org/install:performance:nginx

But it comes with no documentation other than a script. It doesn’t tell me where and how to insert the script.

Wordpress is more common, I figure people have seen this before. I don’t want to use a plugin to fix it because the commonly used one is incompatible with my wordpress version.

if it helps,

the user account is austin2359. the private server is called ps372325.