Hello… I am helping an organization with some website edits. The issue we are having is the person who set the account up with Dream Host is Non responsive. It is a Non profit 501c3 so the ownership of all things below to the organization not an individual. How can we work together to obtain an account login for editing content. If nothing else the ability to move the domain to another account where we can login to the site for editing.

Use this contact form: https://www.dreamhost.com/support/ Select “other” in the drop-down.

Be ready to provide whatever documentation is asked for. There are reasons this process may not be easy. Dreamhost must make sure they are not giving this type of access to the wrong person.

Example: Think of a controversial topic. Create a 501c3. Let things grow and develop organically for few years. Then a portion of group of members splits off. The splinter group doesn’t actually own the website, but they decide to try an tempt the webhost into giving it away to them… etc etc etc…