Ownership of log directory


I’ve got 4 web pages running from my account. In doing some checking after this last flurry of hacks, I found that the log directories had permissions drw-r–r-- and that I, as owner, could not cd into the directory.

Normally x on a directory allows you to search through the directory. E.g

if foo has permissions r-------x and bar has permission r-----r-- then Other can read foo/bar, and can cd to foo/bar.

read permissions however gave you both read the directory, and cd to the directory.

Is this something new?


The only change to logs really occurred last August, the end result is that you must use SFTP/SSH/SCP etc to access the logs directory. Specifically you cannot access logs via FTP. This thread is good reference: http://discussion.dreamhost.com/thread-130819-post-140081.html#pid140081