Owner can't access site

Hi all,
Still new but learning.

I set up a site for a friend who is a art student in Australia.

The DNS is still redirecting, takes 48 hours, but I set up a email for him and sent him the info.

But he can’t access the login page.

He can access Dreamhost.com with no problem, but when he goes to the webmail login page for his site he gets a 404.

When I access it I have no problems. I’m in Germany. It shows up in Firefox and IE, so I figure it is on his side, but I am not sure.

How can I help him to access the page? Will waiting til the DNS is redirected help?

Thanks in advance for helping a newbie.

What’s the URL to the domain in question?

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is the login page

Works from Australia :wink:

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That’s good to know. Now what kind of checklist do I have to go through to find out why he can’t access it?


I think it’s still a DNS issue that will resolve in the next 24-48 hours. Since it’s using his domain name, it still needs DNS to fully propagate.



Thanks for the advice, I don’t know what happened but now he has access. I appreciate everyone’s help.

Thank you.