Owncloud Limitations

I have searched around a little, and read the wiki: http://wiki.dreamhost.com/OwnCloud

But I have not come across a clear-cut answer: what are the limitations with DreamHost and Owncloud?

In the wiki it says: “Please be aware that by using this software, you may be violating our policies. Please make sure you review our Acceptable Use Policy (Personal Backups)”

in the section on Personal Backups, it says:
“With the exception of DreamHost Dedicated Server products, the customer agrees to make use of DreamHost Web Hosting servers primarily for the purpose of hosting a website, and associated email functions. Data uploaded must be primarily for this purpose. DreamHost Web Hosting servers are not intended as a data backup or archiving service. DreamHost Web Hosting reserves the right to negotiate additional charges with the Customer and/or the discontinuation of the backups/archives at their discretion. If you exceed your allocated transfer bandwidth for a month, you will be billed at the rate of $1 per additional 10GB.”

Okay, so from that I am getting that there is some sort of limit on bandwidth, but I have not found where or what that is.

So I am gathering that OwnCloud is sort of a gray-area. It is supported, works, but should not be used for more than x amount of bandwidth. If it happens to be noticed that you are using tons of bandwidth or storage space, you will be charged extra.

Is that pretty much other people’s experience? Would installing OwnCloud on a VPS server and using it for something simple, such as uploading several PDF’s each month, be acceptable use, or is there some other tweak I would need to do to stay kosher?

I have read something about using DreamObjects in conjunction with OwnCloud, but honestly I am not even sure what DreamObjects are, or if that is necessary.

Can anyone who has been using OwnCloud tell me of their experience? Any problems with Dreamhost? Have you had to pay extra for bandwidth since installing?