OwnCloud + Dreamobjects

So I have enough tech savvy that I feel incredibly stupid having to ask this question. But how does one get OwnCloud software to work on DreamObjects? I am aware of the wiki page here: http://wiki.dreamhost.com/How_to_Use_ownCloud_with_DreamObjects

The Wiki says I need to “install ownCloud on your DreamHost account by following this step-by-step guide.”

  1. Open OwnCloud.

and, on that step I am already lost. I have downloaded the OwnCloud client to my own computer, but the client expects me to point it to an OwnCloud server. But I want DreamObjects to be my OwnCloud server. So I try to make it connect to [mybucketname].objects.dreamhost.com. That gives me an error that basically says the OwnCloud server isn’t installed there. True enough.

But I’m not seeing anything in that Wiki page explaining how to install the OwnCloud server on DreamObjects. It’s like the Wiki picks up after OwnCloud is already installed or something.

So . . . I know this is probably really obvious, but what am I missing about this?

The ownCloud server is a PHP web application, and must be installed on a DreamHost web hosting account. Once you’ve done that, you can configure it to use DreamObjects for storage.

Hi there,

DreamObjects is basically a ‘dumb’ receptacle of files where OwnCloud server will dump your files and keep them organized. It doesn’t do much more than that, except it keeps multiple copies of your files and serves them quickly.

So, step 1 basically means that you have a OwnCloud server running somewhere since that requires a web server and a php interpreter. It could be on any of DreamHost products (shared hosting, vps, dreamcompute) or your own personal server or anywhere else. You have to have OwnCloud server running somewhere before you can connect that server to DreamObjects. Once you have that server running, you can instruct it to store your files in DreamObjects instead of a simple disk.

Does this help?

Yes! Thanks. I guess I just needed that spelled out for me. It makes sense – I’ll just install the OwnCloud server on my VPS, but I don’t have to store any files on my VPS, just the application. It is from there that I open the application and follow the steps in wiki to select DreamObjects as the storage location. This makes so much more sense now! haha thank you.

Yep. I did this last night. It works quite well, even accessing it from an Android app.