ownCloud app installation problem: Archives of type application/gzip are not supported

I’ve installed ownCloud on our shared hosting instance and have it running pretty much as I expected. I just tried to install a couple of the ownCloud apps (Gallery.app and Onlyoffice.app), but was prevented with this error message:

Archives of type application/gzip are not supported

From the style of the message I suspect this is due to a PHP configuration issue, but I’m not sure about that and don’t want to go poking around the PHP config files without knowing just what to do. I’d appreciate any suggestions or advice anyone could give. Thanks!

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Interesting. I’m curious to hear your experience, both with OwnCloud itself and your experience with running it on shared hosting. I’m running NextCloud instead, and I chose to run it on DreamCompute.

It could be php-related but it could also be OwnCloud’s mis-configuration, or that it expects a gzip version and finds another… Do you see the error on OwnCloud UI? What exactly are the admin logs showing? What do you see in Apache’s error log?

It’s not too bad. We’re sort of a shoe-string organization, and are using the non-profit free account. If the performance turns out not to be acceptable when more folks are using it (we have a staff of maybe 20 who might use it), I’ll try to persuade the board to upgrade the account.

Evidently this is a not-uncommon problem with ownCloud. Rather than bother fixing it, I just downloaded the two apps I wanted to my personal Linux box, gunzipped and untarred them, then SFTPed the resulting directory structures onto the ownCloud instance in the apps directory, where the installer would have put them anyway. The gallery app is working as expected; the Onlyoffice app is enabled, but I haven’t set up a document server for it yet (waiting to see if the board even cares about collaborative document editing).

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