Owl troubleshooting

I’m setting up Owl (http://owl.sourceforge.net) and after all the setup steps, I’m failing at the point where I must first connect to the system via my browser.

My hacking skills are still somewhat junior, so I’m not quite sure what to make of the following browser error. Note that this doesn’t appear to be in Owl’s FAQ or other documentation.

[quote]: pconnect(, , $Password) failed.
: 2002 (Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock’ (2))
Session halted.[/quote]


you normally see this error when you’re trying to connect to your database through ‘localhost’ You’ll have to specify the hostname to connect to, you can’t use localhost. Your host name is something like mysql.yourdomain.com - what you use to connect to phpmyadmin. It’s also listed in the panel >Goodies > Mysql if you don’t remember it.


Thanks for that - should have anticipated that would be the first suggestion. I did see the settings for db name, db host, etc. and inputted those values correctly. But there was this setting I wasn’t sure what to do with:


Bumping again…

Is there some kind of a forum for this ‘owl’? Perhaps people there would know more. I’m doubting that any one here is going to be able to figure this one out… or they would have posted by now.

sorry, I can’t be more helpful


No worries, this is a lowish priority project so I can wait. Posting here was somewhat last-resortish (no other forum as far as I can tell).