Overwriting mt blog with wordpress one

I’ve just set up a new wordpress blog to replace my spam damaged movable type one.

Thanks to Robert and mediagirl in these forums, I was able to do that (by setting up a wordpress sub-domain) without deleting my old blog which I needed to import my old posts.

Now that’s all done I set up a mirror from mydomain.com to wordpress.mydomain.com

Should I leave it like that, or am I better off deleting my mt blog entirely and replacing it with the new wordpress one? If it’s the latter, how would I go about it?


Oh, and how long does it take for a domain mirror to activate?

Yeah, there’s no reason to keep your MT blog around. To get rid of it, delete the blog through your MT admin interface and then throw away the MT files. As for replacing it with your WP installation, I just need to know a few things so I can point you in the right direction.
The domain and directory that you MT installation is at:
The domain and directory that you WP installation is at:


Thanks macmanx!

My main domain, and the one MT is intalled at is tokyotimes.org/mt

Wordpress is now installed at the subdomian wordpress.tokyotimes.org/

Yep, if you haven’t deleted your MT blog yet, you can freely do so. Enjoy using WordPress! BTW, find all the WordPress anti-spam solutions you would ever need here: http://www.tamba2.org.uk/wordpress/spam/


Thanks again!

After only using Wordpress for a few days, I can already say that I much prefer it to MT. For starters it was MUCH easier to set up, and as I’ve been transfering files, making alterations, adding links etc, not having to do any rebuilds has been fantastic.

Just wish I’d gone to Wordpress first…