Overwrite script required



For the last three weeks, we have been continuously hacked. We’ve blocked everything we can and changed ALL usernames/password. Somehow they get in.

The hackers mainly overwrite our index.php and a number of other PHP files in the same folder and in others as well. Does anyone know of a script that will allow us to overwrite specific files every xx hours, using a CRONJOB? In other words, the CRON will replace the files, regardless of whether they’ve been hacked, or not, with our original files.



Your priority should be to figure out how these files are being overwritten and to stop it, not to sweep the problem under the rug by overwriting the files some more yourself.

If you haven’t already been communicating with DreamHost’s Abuse and Security team regarding this issue, please get in touch with them. They have a wide variety of tools to investigate this sort of problem.


Here are some instructions from the wiki: