Overbilling issues / contact


We’ve recently discovered a recurring charge on our account since we contacted Dreamhost in January following the security breach at the site.

Very, very unclear billing, and confusion on our part, made it unclear whether or not the invoices were recurring because the earlier charge hadn’t been paid, or because there was in fact a recurring charge. It wasn’t until we examined our account services closely that the recurring “phone service” addition became apparent.

Despite its name, the “phone service” doesn’t actually include, you know, the ability to call Dreamhost. There are no numbers in our account pages, help/support pages, wiki, or elsewhere we can find. Dreamhost’s FAX rings unanswered.

It took the billing contact (not listed among “team member” pages) to respond to us. And apparently start attributing two utterly unrelated domains to our account services.

There’s low-cost service provision and all that, but fraudulent charges, bogus service attribution, and an inability to reach anyone to discuss billing issues really doesn’t speak too well for the organization.


The Phone Support addon you’re referring to is a paid addon which gives you the ability to request a phone callback through the Support section of the panel, for a recurring fee of $9.95 per month. It looks as though you just contacted Support regarding this issue, and they have cancelled the charges for this service for all months following January.