Overall slowness?

I just read the thread on zebes but I’ve been experiencing slowness the past couple of day on a lot of Dreamhosted sites.

I’m not entirely sure that it’s not a network problem here but it seems that DH sites are slower for me than others at the moment.

Since SBC is my ISP and they were mentioned in the zebes thread I did a few trace routes and found that I blazed through the sbc points and started creeping along when I reached cogentco, particularly SF and LA. I’m a complete Internet routing dunce so I dunno if this means anything but there it is.

Any suggestions on what I can do to diagnose this problem correctly and get it fixed (whether it be your end or mine)? I thought I should say something as I was assuming this was just general internet sluggishness do to the war traffic but the internet weather reports are looking good and it appears to be localized to sites on DH for me…



Do you see the

Traceroute results can be misleading - while it may appear that the problem is within one provider looking in one direction, you may get differen results on the trace back.

I’m seeing a little packet loss to your IP, and ping times aren’t the greatest, but it’s hard to tell whether the problem is within SBC or within Cogent. If you have any traceroutes, please send them to support@ attn: to me. Also the statistics part from the end of an extended ping would be useful as well (let it ping for a while, ^C, and send JUST the part that says:
yahoo.com ping statistics —
2 packets transmitted, 2 packets received, 0% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 90.438/90.982/91.526/0.544 ms

well, I’m in a new location, but with the same ISP, and things are back to blazing fast. I’ll check again when I get back to the other location but hopefully all’s well now.

Thanks for the reply and suggestions, hopefully that’s the end of this thread =)