Over riding php.ini

Hi guys,

I know this is unsupported by DH which is why I’ve turned here;

I have a site here on shared hosting with DH;


As you can see, I’m getting an error when trying to include a common file for the site navigation…

I’ve followed the instruction from the wiki;


I installed the Easy Auto Copy Script which created a cgi-bin folder with a php.ini file - modified it to;

allow_url_include = On

I then added the php-wrapper.fcgi and modified the .htaccess as outlined… but still no success…

Can anyone please tell me where I’m going wrong?

For the curious, the wiki has an article on this:

Now that you’ve created your own PHP.ini file, are you sure that your site is using your custom php.ini file? A php file with this line will tell you which .ini file it’s using:

echo phpinfo();