Over 6000 virus mails in my Inbox!

I’m used to getting e-mail viruses and worms from other users’ infected machines, but I’ve received over 6000 e-mails in the past two days, completely flooding my inbox, and I find this unacceptable. Most of the subjects are “Check this out kid!!!”, “Youve got 1 VoiceMessage!", "Dont worry, be happy!” and most recently “XP”, all with 18-30KB .pif files attached.

I could put in some more server-side filters to block these, but is that really my only option? The filters are only so effective until the next mail virus spreads. Couldn’t DH just block the referring address for unusual situations like this, such as one address sending over 500 mails in under two hours?

Also, how can I be sure that my account isn’t affected by one of these viruses? I’d hate to be causing this flood of garbage because my own account was spreading the filth.

I’m using Mac OS X (10.3.7) with Apple Mail (v1.3.9). This is a real concern, and I’d like a response. Thank you!

Wow… That’s really impressive. Someone must really have no life. Why even waste the time running some lame program to send those emails to someone… And doing it for hours? That’s sick. I suggest they die.

I can’t believe that would bypass the spam filter.

I switched into IMAP to recover some unreal mails, and now Norton Anti-Virus is telling me “[Mail #] is infected with W32.Netsky.P@mm!enc. It could not be repaired but has been quarantined.”

What can I do about this, on my Mac?

First, someone who has your email address got a virus. It’s likely that they all originate from the same IP. I’ve been there. Had this happen for several months straight. It was a slightly different virus than those you’ve mentioned, but it was one where the originating IP was not falsified. I contacted the ISP and they told me it wasn’t one of their users and that the IP was false. I asked DH and they confirmed the IP it came from was correct. I went back to the ISP a couple times and they insisted it wasn’t someone on their network.

At that point I played my legal card and, since the originating ISP and their ISP were based in my state, I contacted their ISP and quoted the spam law on this. I said since the emails violate the spam law, and that the ISP under them refuses to do anything about it, I considered them to be assisting in violating the law. I had received tens of thousands of emails over several months. I also quoted the law which states I’m entitled $500 per email. I informed them that if they let the ISP under them continue to assist in these illegal actions, I would seek full damages.

The parent ISP agreed that the IP was part of their network and said they would take care of it. A few days later the emails stopped and they never started up again.

If you don’t want/know how to figure the above out, then you can setup a rule in Mail.app to send those emails to the trash based on the sender’s address (I’m guessing it stays the same.) You should be able to find some sort of consistency.

Don’t worry, if you’re using Mail.app your client is not infected, nor will it become infected by any virus in existence to today.

I can’t help you with stopping the flood, but based on my experience when my DH mailbox was likewise mailbombed recently, I /strongly/ recommend you ensure your mailbox disk limit includes a very big safety margin. Hitting the limit can be catastrophic, locking you out from POP3/IMAP login and throwing away inbound messages - and yes I do mean throwing away, not bouncing.