Outside DNS?

Hello guys.

I searched the knowledge base and the forums and found nothing similar, so I am posting. If this was asked before, I am deeply sorry.

I am planning to sign a level 1 or 2 of the shared hosting plans.

Well, I wanted to know if I can use a remote DNS (I have another cluster of machines somewhere else) to point to the Dreamhost server IP to resolve my domains, instead of altering my registrars DNS settings to those ns#.dreamhost.com

Is it possible?

Thanks in advance. =)

I am currently doing it, as (a) I am only on the Crazy Domain Insane plan without custom DNS (b) I have rather complicated DNS setup on some of my domains.

I know I run the risk of DH migrating IP addresses that makes my DNS servers running out of sync, but from what I have seen so far it might be unlikely.

After you have setup domains on DH’s control panel, just query DH’s NS for IP addresses, and than slap that onto your own NS.