Outside DNS

Well i had considered hosting my site with DreamHost… only i see a catch… searching in the KB, had not found info… i only wish to host one domain… but wish to have the dns here… not with dream host, or to say use DH as secundary… is this possible? on the basic plan? I see that the bigger plans had “total dns control”… so i suppose on these you can edit at galance… (but thinking… is also on these plans supported to DH act as secundary?)


you can have your own dns, but you do have to pay for your own ip address and there is a $25 (used to be) fee for them setting you up. read this…


Technically, there’s nothing stopping you from doing that. Dreamhost only handles the DNS for one of my domains. The other is done by ZoneEdit, mostly because I’ve been too lazy to change it. It would only cause a problem if Dreamhost decided to move one of the servers you’re using. (Assuming I’m understanding what you’re asking.)

But why not use the DNS with Dreamhost. BEing curious, why would you want to make it more complicated than it has to be?

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