Outrageous Price for VPS

So, I just upgraded to VPS from shared hosting.

I moved all my sites to the VPS, and looked forward to pay $5 more per month for the upgrade.

But, now I am supposed to pay $26 !
Happy Hosting PLUS VPS hosting…

That is awfully expensive! :slight_smile:

I don’t need Happy Hosting…

I probably should have terminated my Happy Hosting and signed up for a VPS instead?


Your Unhappy Dreamhost Customer
So, what did I do wrong? :slight_smile:

How do one upgrade the hosting plan to VPS, then?

I can’t seem to get rid of the Happy Hosting service plan…
I don’t want to be paying in excess as I can get a good VPS with full root access for that price.

Looks like I just have to accept the current bill of $26. :slight_smile:

I have ended my Happy Dreamhost plan as of today, as advised by the Dreamhost support.

So, I will have no plan, but the VPS will still be active.

Very confusing. :slight_smile:

When you add a VPS and move your sites, you’re not upgrading your hosting package but instead you’re simply adding a new hosting package to your account (so you had 2). Now that they’ve cancelled your shared hosting plan, you are left with the VPS plan. Hope that makes sense!

No, it doesn’t make sense. :wink:

When I added the VPS, the Happy Dreamhost Robot asked me if I wanted to move everything to it.
I answered ‘yes’.

I would have liked it to ask me if I wanted to end my shared hosting, since I obviously did not use it, after moving everything to my VPS.

Now that I’ve canceled my shared hosting plan I have no plans on my account.

I have a VPS, though.

What I expected was that my Happy Hosting plan changed into a Happy VPS Hosting plan, but it didn’t.

When I look at my Billing and Account section, there isn’t any monthly price listed.

Let’s see what happens on the next billing date…

Most web hosting companies provide discounts to their first time clients. Existing clients can read the terms and conditions of the discounts and promos if it apply for them. So if you are an existing customers, you would pay for the regular prize for VPS hosting. And yes, VPS is more expensive than shared hosting.

VPS is $15, as I said.

It is obvious that you did not read my post, so I will leave it at that. :wink:

Its totally depends on what uses of vps server.