A friend is using dreamhost to power there web site jeaniemazza.com and outlook to send and receive e-mail, they were using dial up but have just switched to comcast cable, now they can anly receive e-mail and not send it. any ideas what might have caused this? thanks TOM


This is caused by Comcast blocking the use of port 25. This Dreamhost Wiki article on Email Servers describes the situation in greater detail, and discusses workarounds such as using Comcast’s own server for sending and using port 587 instead of port 25. Good Luck! :slight_smile:


I believe Comcast is one of the ISPs that block outbound traffic on port 25, unless it is bound for their own SMTP servers.

You can either use the Comcast SMTP server for outgoing mail, or (if possible) you can configure your email client to use port 587, instead of the default port 25.

There is more information in the wiki article linked below;



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