Outlook set-up problem

Good news - Outlook 2010 setup without a problem on my desktop.
Bad News - The laptop is a whole different issue, and has never set up connection, with either Outlook or Thunderbird.

I’ve gone through wiki and forum search. Beginniing to think may be something in the laptop that is blocking and requesting suggestion in term of where to look. The classic error message, ISP rejecting connection, does/should not apply as you will note below - but I changed to the alternate port anyway and got the same rejection.

Both computers are very similar, both running Windows Vista Home Prem, Avast antivirus, and Office 2010 Professional. Additionally, for purposes of setting up, the computers were next to each other, both hardwired (not wireless) to the same router/network - thus not an ISP issue if one works.

What I have done:

  • Office 2010 autosetup fine with wizard, wizard aborted on laptop and forced manual setup. Brought up the Outlook settings on the desktop and matched them to the laptop (plus tried the alternate port).
  • Reviewed Avast to make sure security setting were the same between the two. It doesn’t have ‘program exception’ capability.
  • Checked Windows Firewall the same, including exception for Outlook
  • Looking at Windows defender a couple of differences
    –Desktop shows Windows Defender:2016 on Startup, Currently running, and Networks (permitted)
    –Laptop only shows Windows Defender:2060 only on Currently running (permitted) but nothing on Startup or Network.

Not certain the difference between Windows Defender 2016 and 2060. Also, since there is no temp disable, I am tempted to remove Avast (since it is free) and see if can setup without it potentially blocking. Saving that as last resort.

Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks.

The free edition of avast! does not have a firewall, so it should not be related. However, try to see if Outlook will work in safe mode with networking. This will tell you if any piece of software is causing the issue, or if it is a deeper cause.


Tried deactivating the Windows firewall. Still not able too set up Outlook.

Removed antivirus with firewall still deactivated. SUCCESS!

Suspect something in the antivirus was checking the email file communication and causing the break.

Reactivated the firewall and re-installed the antivirus software. Did notice where something had deactivated Windows Defender from startup routine - perhaps when I had McAfee that had similar feature, so that was also corrected prior to the solution.

Also note: Windows Defender was active the entire time, so not an issue with it.