Outlook outgoing server problem

I set up my email in Outlook yesterday and can receive mail but am not able to send mail. I have mail.mydomain.com for incoming and outgoing servers, and have checked “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication” (using same settings as incoming mail server) and the error message I get when I try to test the account is that Im unable to connect to the outgoing mail server, and it asks me to check the outgoing server details, SSL and port.

Please help! I’ve done this heaps of times before with other servers so I don’t know why this isn’t working…

If this is a brand new account, it’s likely a DNS issue.

If so, then I’d guess that your old host allowed port 110 (POP) connections to mail.mydomain.com, but not port 25 (SMTP) connections. Just a wild guess for now.


Recently? Any chance your ISP started blocking port 25?

You could try port 587 and see if that works.

If you’re just waiting out DNS, you could also use your ISP’s SMTP server for now.

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I ruled out ISP blocking because the OP said they’d done this many times with other servers. But that is another possibility.


Yeah, I read it that way too – but I did have an ISP change their policy once and things stopped working, so I just threw it out there… thinking maybe it’s been a while since he tried it, or maybe he had another ISP at the time.

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Sorry I might have given the wrong idea when I said it had done it before - I meant I have set up heaps of email accounts in Outlook. This is a new domain and new hosting account with Dreamhost (a few days old). I didn’t really think about having to use my ISP’s outgoing mail server…do I need to? Or can I use mail.mydomain.com?

I tried port 587 and it tested fine but still won’t send email, saying that it timed out waiting for a response from the SMTP server.

If you’re getting a “Relay access denied”, make sure you’re actually authenticating to the SMTP server. Outlook is like that. Decent instructions exist on the Wiki

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It just started working today after all this time - must have been waiting on something, because I didn’t change anything. Thanks for the help!

are you using outlook or outlook express?

if you are using outlook then it is an outlook issue. i’ve had to deal with many clients who use outlook and have had their outgoing mail just stop working. i googled for more info and found many many other people with non dreamhost accounts who experienced the same thing. the only fix i have found is to remove the email account from the accounts window and to re-set up the email account again. seems that something gets corrupt in outlook.