Outlook not downloading read mail?

Hi, I have auser who is reading mail with squirrelmail and then later downloading it with outlook, anything they have read with squirrel doesn’t show up in outlook, I think this is an outlook setting somewhere, either the program is downloading but not displaying the mail or the program is not downloading the mail but deleting it from the server anyway.

Any ideas, has anyone else run into this issue?

I occasionally use Squirrelmail to “read” online while I’m traveling, and then POP my mail via Thunderbird (and very rarely Outlook/Outlook express), and I have never had that problem.

I can see it happening if your user is moving “read” mail to a different folder (using IMAP?), as “POP” only grabs the “inbox”, but other than that, I can’t explain what they are reporting.


Unless you really want to download mail (and if you’re going to be disconnected, it’s a good way of going) use IMAP. Everything stays in sync - even with outlook.