Outlook in Windows Mobile 5


I just purchased a Cingular 8125 running Windows Mobile 5. After a few hours of playing around I got up and running via WiFi and have my IMAP email set up in Outlook. The main problem I’ve been having is with outgoing emails… I keep getting a message saying the following:

From: System Administrator
Subject: Invalid Message Recipients

Your message ‘test’ was not sent and was moved to the Drafts folder.

The following recipients are invalid:

“insert email address here”

I AM able to receive messages, no problem. Originally I thought it was emails across the board that wouldn’t go out, but I discovered that if I send any messages to other email accounts and domains that I have set up at DreamHost, they DO go through.

Anyone have any idea why I’m running into a stumbling block getting messages out? I’m dying to start sending messages while on the go…