Outlook express

edit***Nevermind I have correct the problem. For the record, it WAS the login name/password that was incorrect.

Everytime I try to set up my dreamhost mail on outlook express I run into the same problem: When I open outlook express or click send/receive, the little window pops up asking for my username and password and every time I hit submit it just pops up again. However, I somehow managed to set up my mom’s outlook express with an email address from my account and got it to work, and I remember it was some simple little thing, but I can’t remember what that thing is!

So… I think this may be where the problem is:

What is the username and password I am putting in? Is it a new set, or one from my dreamhost account?

If my domain is HeartSpark.net, then is the mail server mail.heartspark.net? Because that’s what I put in there…

Any other ideas as to why this is not working?


Let’s see if we can get you going.

  1. Goto you web panel, click on mail then manage email, find your email account and write down your email address and the m1234567(example) number.
  2. Click edit side of your email account, and write down your password.
  3. In outlook express select tools>accounts>mail tab>double click your account. Select server tab, incoming and outgoing mail will be mail.heartspark.net, your account name can be the email address or the m1234567(example)
  4. Finally outgoing mail server, check the box for "My server requires authentication.
    Hopefully this will get you going