Outlook Express setup

I have a mailbox and address setup at DH. I have used the following settings in OE (Mac):
POP = mail.mydomain.com
SMTP = same
Password for each = my DH email password
I have selected “override SMTP port 25” and put in 587
"requires secure connection" is UNCHECKED
"requires aunthentication" is CHECKED and my DH email address and password are entered

Note: my other real email address is at sbcglobal.net

I continue to get a “Login failure” error message.

Can you tell me what is wrong here?


Web Designer

incoming and outgoing mail servers are sometimes the same, but depends on your ISP internet service provider. you may want to try to set up your outgoing smtp to their addy, ie smtp.cox.net, smtp.comcast.net or smtp.bellsouth.net, etc. then remove the requires authentication. and change your port back to 25.

also, your account id is your mailbox name ie: m9999999.