Outlook [Express] on XP

I’m having issues (and not just my personal ones) with Outlook (Express). I’m a Mac user (don’t start) and I’m not super familiar with how XP works. I have the account setup for my mother and it works…BUT, it just won’t save the password in the preferences. I checked the box in the account settings AND when it asks for it during the first ‘Send & Receive’ but it will still ask for the password if I quit and re-launch the application. If it is saving it, it’s not working because I have noticed that it doesn’t ask for the password right away during the first mail check…it acts like it’s trying to authenticate then pops up an error that the login failed. I’m at my wits end on this one…I asked my Windows buddy (we all have one…or are one) but he couldn’t really help me.

Anyway…anyone have any ideas why this is not working for me?

Windows XP Home Edition
Outlook XP
Outlook Express 6


  • randy

Hi Randy, What ISP does your mom have? My mom had MSN (it was free and not even worth that…LOL) and I remember having to change her email settings to require authentication. Under where the password is saved you had to check "log on using secure password authentication’. Not sure if this is the problem since you said you can check the email. I’m trying to help though :wink: I use OE6 and can’t think of anything else that could be causing it.


yeah…no, that didn’t help anything. what I ended up soing is creating another use on my mom’s machine, then it seemed to work just fine…go figure :\

…twas a mess. I lost some of her emails… doh!

Thanks for the quick response…

  • randy

ps - dig the tux!