Outlook email issues

I am trying to setup email accounts on employee computers and am having no luck. I can get thru all the stages of testing except for the pop stage. I have tried on several different computers and still no luck. I know what i am doing from a technical standpoint. I think it is something on the Dreamhost end. like password is not matching up. very frustrated at this point. I have tried to send emails to DreamHost and those got rejected and sent back to me. Please help…


Please contact DreamHost Support through the web panel:


I was able to setup one email account already and i used the exact same setup. That is why it is puzzling me. I know what I am doing and when you get and error message that states it cannot connect to server, it is not typically an issue with setup. Is there a telephone number so that i can talk to a real live body instead of thru this forum or email (which gets bounced back to me).