Outklook 2007 / SMTP / McAfee

Hello all,

I have an e-mail user that is having trouble with Outlook 2007 sending mail using our Dreamhost SMTP. Settings are all OK.

His computer is using McAfee Internet Security Suite 2007 (I think). He’s disabled the outgoing virus scanning in the control panel of the software… However, when he sends messages on the DreamHost account, the little scanner animated icon goes at it as if it is scanning… and sending a small file takes forever, if it ever finishes. But, if outgoing scanning is disabled, shouldn’t it ignore it altogether? The account seems to work for plain messages. I think it’s getting attachments out that’s the issue… and it’s basically really slow. We’re on DSL… so speed shouldn’t be an issue.

He says other accounts within this Outlook installation work, which I think are multiple GMail accounts using POP3/SMTP access.

Is there something DreamHost servers do differently that might be holding things up? Anyone use McAfee to help shed some light?

He says Windows Defender is disabled.