Outgoing server for Thunderbird

Hi everyone,

I’m looking to set up Thunderbird to use my new domain email, @mcee.ca. I’m having trouble setting up my incoming/outgoing server names. I’ve set the incoming to mail.mcee.ca and I seem to be receiving emails fine. However I can’t figure out what outgoing server to set it to. I’ll admit to being rather dense when it comes to this. I’ve tried smtp.mcee.ca, smtp.dreamhost.com… I just have no idea.

Help? :slight_smile:


Both the incoming and outgoing mail servers would be mail.mcee.ca. The wiki has a guide if you need help.

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In addition to the excellent scjessey provided, note that, depending upon your ISP you may have to set your port for that outgoing server to 587 (many ISP’s block port 25).

If you are using any variation of ATT as your ISP, you’ll have to make even further changes. Information on that is available on their help pages, or you can post back here if you are having trouble configuring ThunderBird for use with DreamHost’s servers under ATT.


Works perfectly. Thank you!

I set it to the ports mentioned on the wiki, and it works perfectly. Thanks for the heads-up!