Outgoing mail servers offline

Hi there, I’m a new Dreamhost customer, and am having some issues with email accounts in OS X Mail, specifically with the outgoing mail server (SMTP) showing as “Offline” and emails not sending with a “connection to server timed out” message.

I have the settings as follows:

Server Name: mail.mydomain.com
TLS Certificate: None

Automatically detect and maintain account settings: unchecked
Port: 587
Use SSL: checked
Authentication: Password
Allow insecure authentication: unchecked
User Name and Password are correct.

I’m having this issue with email accounts associated with two separate “Fully Hosted” domains on Dreamhost—can anyone shed any light on the matter for me?


You are setting up smtp specifically, correct? Is user specified as "user@example.com"?

(I’m not sure what the GUI looks like in OSX, but on the iPhone the smtp setup screen implies that user and pass are optional entries, they are not optional used with dreamhost.)

Another thought, try switching your hostname to that of your actual mail server. Use the table here to figure out what to use.