Outgoing - issues


okay, I have never gotten fully comfortable which I need to use, ports, SSL, etc. I have about 50 clients and we all need to send mail. LOL - I read in Wiki it should be incoming and outgoing mail.domain.com BUT never works… I spend a lot of time on wifi, traveling, etc. so wherever I can get it. I contacted cust support, but was told a way different smtp. spacey.dreamhost… or something, and I think that look so unprofessional to give that to my clients, and let alone trying to get them to write it down or rmember it. LOL… so gently learn me on outgoing!


Here’s what works for me:

  • server: mail.YOURDOMAIN.COM
  • port: 587
  • SSL enabled
  • password authentication, with my DreamHost username and password

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sounds good, except the part about me giving my clients my username and pass for dreamhost. Anything else?


The username and password are their email address and email password.