Outgoing email login?

I’ve been on dreamhost for a month or two, and still haven’t figured out the outgoing email process. For some reason I can receive mail just fine, but when I try to send it via my Outlook 2003 client, it constantly asks me to type in my dreamhost username and password. After about 6 or 7 times, it finally gives me an error message…

what to do?

If you are using mail.yourdomain.com as the outgoing mail server, then it’s probably in your settings in outlook, under the advanced settings for the outgoing smtp, select smtp server requires authentication, use same settings as incoming mail server.

[quote]it finally gives me an error message…
what to do?


Tell us the error message.

Most all service providers will block outgoing requests on port 25. They do this to try and prevent abuse using their network access for spam. Simple and easy work around though if this is the issue. Go here:

I’m thinking that page will solve your problems. If not, just post back here!

It turns out the problem was just the password:

Apparently my password was changed without an email showing up to confirm it. I tried some various password combinations I usually used and one of them work (but I couldn’t find any confirmation email of the changed password - something I always keep). Sorry about the comotion and thanks for responding!