Outgoing email down

My mail is on murdock. It keeps asking me for a password when I try to send e-mail out via SMTP. Anybody else?

I’m on Murdock, and it’s working for me. Is this a new account, or just a new problem with something that’s worked before?


It’s been working for a couple years.

Working here. I wonder if it is a variation of the problem I had recently wherein incoming mail was being bounced with “Disk over quota” though I had many Mb free. Support’s explanation:

from time to time, there are UID conflicts when the user picks up the quota from someone else.

I, too, am on Murdock. What is really strange is I have several domains on murdock, domainA and domainB, there are moments where domainA’s mail is down, but domainB is fine.

So far though, each downtime lasts only minutes. But, it is happening more frequently.

I think that’s eb cuase these outages are not due to the server being down, but particular users’ services being down, perhaps due to the config problems.

[quote]But, it is happening more frequently.


Agreed. As more users are loaded on, updates become more frequent, so the occurence of one user’s update pranging another’s service becomes more frequent.

Also note that our mail services are load balanced, currently using round-robin DNS, so if a particular server is having problems you may see one domain working and another not. We will be switching to a more robust ‘real’ load balancing system in the future. Some preliminary work has already been done on that.

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Would this explain our email discussion lists going away? It seems that the entire domain (lists.broomfieldsoccerclub.org) is gone from the control panel, but I can still access it online.

Our email has been down all day as well.

I’m sure hoping to hear from support soon. :slight_smile:

-Tom Wilcoxen
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Hmm, no… discussion lists are totally separate. And things disappearing from the panel is a different matter, too. I’ll check out your request.

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having the exact same problem, started this morning, still in effect at the end of the day. Keeps prompting for a password. In Thunderbird on the PC. If I turn off the login setting entirely I can send mail to my dreamhost account but not to anything anywhere else, odd. Webmail still works, and incoming is fine, just can’t send from Thunderbird, or from my Treo either.

And hi Dallas, if you are who I think you are I knew you slight when I was at Pomona…

Thanks for the quick reply. It seems you’ve got the lists going again – thanks!

-Tom Wilcoxen
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Most e-mail clients give you the option of authenticating or not authenticating when sending mail. Depending upon how your client is configured, you might be able to receive e-mail, but not send it, or you may only be able to send to other addresses at your domain. The problem you’ve described really seems to me to be a symptom of Thunderbird not being configured to authenticate when sending e-mail.

Try this. Under the Tools menu, select “Account Settings…” and go to the configuration pane for Outgoing Server (SMTP). Is the checkbox for “Username and Password” checked or unchecked? I believe it’s supposed to be checked.

I’ve been experiencing some strange e-mail problems lately as well, which I think have been related to problems with authenticating – the difference being that users at my domain could send e-mail fine, they just couldn’t receive it. Weird.


I’ve tried every possible combo with those settings. The problem started out of the blue in an email client I’d been using for more than 6 months without issue, pretty sure its a problem that doesn’t stem from my settings. Factor in that my Treo stopped being able to send at the same time and make that very certain.

So does this mean that, whereas like shad, I “have several domains on murdock, domainA and domainB, there are moments where domainA’s mail is down, but domainB is fine”, this is because our /outgoing/ mail is not on murdock, but on some other server in a round-robin group?

Both incoming mail and outgoing mail are load balanced across sets of servers. Incoming is separate from outgoing. Your computer may be using one server for domainA and another server for domainB simultaneously. If the server domainA is using at a given moment (it will change over time) is down, you will see connection errors.

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Thanks for the explanation, but then in what sense is my mail user “on” specific machine “murdock”, as the panel says? And is the /storage/ of my mailbox really be on more than one machine?

Murdock is the ‘master’ of the cluster your email is on. The rest of the machines in the cluster essentially mimic the configuration of the master.

The storage of the mailbox is handled by highly redundant NFS file servers. The same file servers handle the website data as well. All of the mail servers mount the same home directory so everything appears the same no matter what server you connect to.

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Aha. Thanks.