Outgoing Domain Name Transfers Taking FOOOOREEEVVVEERRRR?

Due to January’s shenanigans and the recent, ongoing, and completely unaddressed PHP hack, I’m switching hosts and registrars.

Last night I started a transfer from GoDaddy (for a .us domain) and another from DreamHost, just to see how the new registrar I decided to use handled the process, before I transferred the rest of my 40+ domains.

The GoDaddy transfer was insanely fast, which I was a little surprised by…

DreamHost, however, is taking forever. The initial confirmation/authorization email from the new registrar somehow couldn’t get through DreamHost’s whois privacy email (despite emails I sent to that address coming through just fine), so I turned off whois privacy.

I authorized the new registrar to take the domain, and I’m supposed to receive an email from DreamHost authorizing it on their end… no such luck… going on 12 hours now.

Any idea what my expectation should be? Can’t imagine how painful this is going to be when I transfer the rest of them…

The best thing to do is to disable private registration to speed the domain transfer process.

I transferred 8 domain names away from dreamhost a year ago (when it came to light that they were emailing web-panel passwords in cleartext … which is something that, thankfully, they no longer do)

I noticed that dreamhost batched up sending out its authorization-link emails into two periods of the day … mostly between 1500 and 1600 PST but sometimes between 0600 and 0700 PST

After that batching-behaviour is taken into account, the transfer was always completed expeditiously.

In one case (which by chance I had initiated just before dreamhost’s batch-sending window) the entire transfer (from initial request to final confirmation at the new registrar) took 45 minutes.

Hope it works for you! If you were unlucky with the batching window, it could reasonably take more than 12 hours.


Good to know. Thanks!

Called the incoming registrar and they say that everything is good on their side and that the transfer just needs to be “approved” by DreamHost.

Typically, at this point, I should receive an email allowing me to instantly approve the transfer and that should also show up on my Domains > Reg. Transfer page under Transfer a domain registration away from DreamHost on “(my first name)'s Account”:

As I said earlier, I initiated a transfer last night… I decided to do two more just as an experiment a few hours ago. All three have the same “waiting for approval” status according to the incoming registrar.

DreamHost’s tech support just says, “we haven’t received it, here’s our wiki page.”

I just did a transfer yesterday (a friends domain, I love and stay with Dreamhost) and 8 hours later I got the email from Dreamhost to follow the confirmation link.

About 25% of the domains I’m trying to transfer are telling me they need to be renewed (which they don’t) and then transfer fine anyway.

One domain said that my “current registrar” denied the transfer. Odd since the domain’s current registrar is DreamHost!


I’m currently going on 6 days of trying to transfer a domain to Namecheap. DreamHost says they haven’t gotten the request and Namecheap says the issue is with DreamHost. Its not register locked so I should be able to transfer it. I am just trying to leave DreamHost and its not working very well.

Domain is smccloud.com

smccloud I’m having the exact same problem! I’m also trying to transfer a domain away from DH to Namecheap. I’ve resubmitted the transfer like 4 times on Namecheap. I’ve waited for 8 days on the first transfer request and NOTHING!!! I’ve talked to DH support and they told me exactly the same thing they told you “we haven’t received any requests”…
DH is driving me nuts, it’s like NightmareHost, NOT DreamHost!!!

Have you managed to transfer your domain? What happened? Here’s my thread on this: https://discussion.dreamhost.com/thread-137978.html

After close to 14 days and 2 attempts it finally went through. To bad I have another one to do now :frowning:

It still shows as an active domain in my DH account though, and if I try to close out my account they say I have to pay for said registration.

You had to wait 14 days in total (for both first and second attempt) or 14 days just for the second attempt?
I’m now on my 4th attempt and 6 days have passed with this attempt still pending.

Here’s what I did: I disabled the whois and the domain is NOT locked, it’s not in the 60 days of pause between transfers and it’s nowhere near expiration. I have access to the whois email and checked the spam folder also.

So, I’ve requested the transfer from NameCheap, entered the EPP key, etc, a few hours later I’ve received a confirmation mail from Namecheap and approved the transfer.

Can you tell me in detail and step by step how did you manage to transfer the domain? And did you receive any confirmation mail from Dreamhost also or just the one from NameCheap?

The domain was finally transferred just a few hours ago after all this hassle. Here’s an advise for those of you who want to transfer their domains and encounter issues.

Dreamhost did NOT send a confirmation mail so do not wait for one or do not resubmit the transfer after a few days. Submit the transfer, approve it through email and wait up to 10-15 days for it to complete.

I’m having the exact same problem. Domain not locked, got EPP code, last transfer more than 60 days ago. I initiated the transfer away from Dreamhost to Namecheap on 5/13, approved the email confirmation from Namecheap and entered the EPP code. It’s 5/18 now and it still says “Domain transfer initiated” on Namecheap. I checked the Reg. transfer on Dreamhost cpanel, it says "[b]You currently have no pending outgoing registration transfers on this account.

To initiate a transfer away, please just contact your new registrar![/b]"

I suppose I’ll just wait several more days like the others have said. I contacted support, but still haven’t gotten a reply in over 24 hours. I guess I made the right decision by switching my hosting also.

I got an update from support:

“Have you received any confirmation e-mail from us or the new registrar?
It should take a few days for the transfer request to process. As for
the panel not showing the pending transfer, it looks like it was not
triggered to show the pending transfer, but it is in fact pending
transfer according to the panel.”

I haven’t received confirmation from Dreamhost, but I have approved the transfer from Namecheap. I guess I’ll just wait a few more days. Heads up to people who are looking to transfer their domains away from Dreamhost - do it early. Luckily I have 7+ months on mine.

“As for the panel not showing the pending transfer, it looks like it was not triggered to show the pending transfer, but it is in fact pending transfer according to the panel.”

lol wut?


After several tries I’m having the same problem here, dream host have told that there is not any request to transfer away any domain. Please tell me exactly what you did to transfer your domain to another registrar.



I’m on top of your open tickets; I have someone looking into this for you right now, so you’ll be getting an email shortly. Thanks for letting us know here!