Outdated phpBB - action?

I’ve installed the phpBB software using DH’s one-click install. Now the admin page states:
[color=#CC0000]Your installation does not seem to be up to date. Updates are available for your version of phpBB, please visit http://www.phpbb.com/downloads.php to obtain the latest version.
The latest available version is phpBB 2.0.15.You are running phpBB 2.0.14.[/color]

I’m now wondering --because I haven’t seen a statement anywhere-- whether DH will upgrade this for me, or whether I should (must?) upgrade it myself?

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I just upgraded my php from 2.0.13 (from DH one-click installation) to 2.0.15 (from phpbb.com).
I don’t think you reall have to upgrade it, but of course, it will be beneficial if you use the latest version.
The latest version has fixed many bugs and increase security.