Outages December 14th 2012


As no one from DreamHost has responded to my tickets, I am hoping you folks can help me out.

Our websites have been completely down for hours.
Our websites go to a page that says:

""The DreamHost customer who owns barsnbands.net has not yet uploaded their website or has chosen to leave this holding page active.

If you are the owner of this domain, you’ll find your login information contained within the emails sent to you when your account was activated. Once logged in, you’ll be able to delete this page (quickstart.html) and upload your new site.""""

Our sites have been up for a year! Tickets have been submitted with no response, No posts have been submitted by dreamhost to explain what is going on either.

Can anyone help? Does anyone have similar issues today?


Rest assured, we have someone from our tech support team looking into your tickets. We’ll be sure to email back the very instant we have info for you. Thanks so much for your patience!

Why does my site, while it is down at no fault of my own, let viewers see the blog where we are talking about the outage? UNACCEPTABLE. It also says that I have no website and that my site is parked, again unacceptable.

barsnbands.net - all users of my site go to, and can access your blog about dreamhost. Why is this happening? While my site is down, my customers should not be forwarded to your advertising and your blog for everyone to see.

Pissed right off
Cam from Canada.

Furthermore, Why is it that I need to start a thread in this section in order to get a (generic) help response for DreamHost. Urgent tickets submitted over four hours ago with absolutely no response. Is the second Friday of the month cocktail hour over at Dreamhost or did you forget to schedule employees during your Christmas party.

It looks as though a transient issue had caused your web application to not start up correctly. Because of this, the web server fell back to your site’s “quickstart.html” page, which is displayed by default when no other content is available.

We apologize for the issue that caused your application to not start up, but if you do not want our “quickstart.html” page to show up when an error occurs, we strongly recommend that you remove it.

I started having issues with MySQL servers around 3:30pm today (Dec. 14th)

No response to my tickets yet, and no status report on the Status Page.

Slightly irritated as I was hoping to finish a project today and get paid but looks like it is not going to happen. Rotten timing.

sierracircle, it doesn’t look as though your issue is related. I see that you put in a ticket about 45 minutes ago; a Support technician should be getting to it shortly.

Our admins are aware of your MySQL issue and are hard at work resolving it. We appreciate your patience and genuinely apologize for the inconvenience. We’ll give you an update as soon as we have it. Thanks!

Thanks. Looks like it is back up.

I posted in the forum because other people have left messages throughout the day in random places about the same issue.
Since the “status” page has no information, I thought this might give people a place to post and talk about the problem

ok i was on my worpress sites just two hours ago and they worked.

then i get this email from dreamhost and now they dont work at all!

"We were unable to set up wordpress as requested at:

The problem was directory /home/ceppsite/carolineepp.com/blog doesn’t exist! Unable to upgrade!

Please correct this and go to our web panel and re-submit your
wordpress upgrade request.

Thanks, and sorry about that!
The Happy DreamHost Installer Robot"

of course they exist! i was just on them!

It is probably an automated email, and was sent because some of the database servers have been down.

thank you but i wish that you would post the fact that they are down on your status page and then reassure people that you are on it and fixing them…

I agree with this. My databases are down this morning (Dec 15); they apparently map to caeneus.

ummm…I dont work for Dreamhost, I am a customer like you. I have been having some issues with the MySQL server as well, so I mentioned it here

Our site is still down and has been down since yesterday 12/14.
We had a big ceremony in HongKong and we couldn’t access our site. This unexpected downtime has really hurt us.
We have only been live for a month and our site has been down

  1. It should be standard practice for DreamHost to inform their customers if some maintenance is going to be done.
  2. DreamHost should not be guaranteeing 100% uptime if they cannot honor this.
  3. Non-Profit sites should be clearly informed that if they apply for Non-Profit status, they will NOT get the 100% uptime guarantee. Personally we would NOT have spent the time to apply for non-profit status, we would continue to pay for the Hosting.
  4. If upgrades are to occur, it should set a priority to upgrade sites that are LIVE first and not development sites.
  5. All LIVE sites should be mirrored, so there is no down time.


Are you still having database issues? I can look into them for you if you can provide me with a domain or account number. Thanks!
cepp & PLT.com:

We completely understand your frustration and apologize for the downtime you both have encountered. Our support team has answered your tickets; Please reply there directly if you have any further questions/concerns. We’ll be happy to help!

I do apologize for the confusion and frustration. I see you submitted a support ticket and one of our techs replied with some more information regarding the situation.
If you have any more questions please let us know here or by responding the support ticket.