Outage Pattern


After being down once in January and once in February for periods of about an hour, my sites were down 3 times in March. One was planned by DH and lasted 6:51. The two others were unplanned and lasted :37 and 1:01. Now in April, I’m in the midst of my second outage. The first was just 2 days ago, for 1:15. First quarter up time comes out to 99.53%
Second quarter isn’t off to a great start, however.
This is neither a complaint nor praise. Just one user’s experience to help others looking at DH.


I’m a new customer (Jan '08) and have had much the same experience.

I lived through Blingyfest - which has been touted as one of the 5 worst disasters to ever occur at Dreamhost - but actual site uptime remains in excess of 99%. They threw me 3 months worth of credit in case I was emotional scarred due to Blingy downtime which I thought was pretty awesome considering there’s no contractual uptime guarantee.

No complaints from me either Dreamhost :slight_smile:

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In keeping with that sentiment, and to add a datum point, using a similar service with 30 minute interval checking, here is my 2008 experience with one of my sites:

For the last Day: 2008-04-18 100.00%

For the last week: 2008-04-14 100.00%

For the last month: 2008-04 100.00%

For the Current Year: 2008 99.92%
downtime - 1 hour(s) 50 min(s)/11

Since 8/29/2007: 99.89%
Total Downtime 5 hour(s) 26 min(s)/24

For what I pay, I’m happy!



I’m with rlparker. No pattern for me, either. Then again, I’m on PS.

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Yes, the uptime isn’t good for me either… but there is no other host which give me all the nice things DH offers.

Since: September 21, 2007
Outages: 26
Total Uptime: 99.374%

2008 - Outages: 13, Uptime: 99.413%
2008, April - Outages: 2, Uptime: 99.779%
2008, March - Outages: 4, Uptime: 98.658%
2008, February - Outages: 4, Uptime: 99.713%
2008, January - Outages: 3, Uptime: 99.666%

I have the uptime checked every 30 minutes. My websites hosted with other hosts have 99.91% and 100% overall uptime in the same timeframe.

If you look at the TOS, as far as I remember DH doesn’t give you a specific % value of uptime.


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Where do you get those numbers?

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I got those numbers via an “uptime checking service” that checks a site every 30 minutes. There are many out there, and Google can help you find them. (I don’t feel comfortable recommending one over the other :wink: ).



Well, I did not know that. I only know “uptime” command. Now at least we have something to refer :slight_smile:

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One thing to watch out for with using uptime checking services for checking the reliability of web hosts is that they check the uptime of your site, not of the host itself. For instance, if you totally screw up the configuration of your site, that’s considered downtime. If you take your site down temporarily for whatever reason, it is indicated as downtime.

OTOH, the uptime checking services don’t fully check out your site. That is, they don’t download all components of your web page. They typically just check out response of the initial document from the first http request. I’m not even sure if they consider the various error messages (404, for example) as success or failure.

Finally, and I think I mentioned this when someone posted something a while back when we were talking about uptime guarantees, these services only give us statistically insignificant views of uptime. The uptime of my sites or of rlparker’s sites is mathematically meaningless in terms of whether Dreamhost is a reliable web host. It’s the same principle about being cautious about extrapolating from the “complaint” posts here on this forum (or, for that matter, extrapolating from the positive testimonials here). You can’t count the number of positive and negative posts here and determine anything.

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THIRD outage this month…as of right now, albeit "statistically insignificant."
Lasted about 1 hour 40 minutes. “Abusive user” or “high load” according to tech support.


And again this morning. This has not been a good month for me and DH.
Statistically insignificant or not, 4 times in one month is getting a bit out of hand.


May continues this recent, disappointing pattern:
May 1, about an hour and fifteen minutes.
May 2, about an hour. And the day is not over yet.
At some point…soon…these continuing blips DO become “statistically significant.” Six outages in less than a month is a pattern that says a lot.


Is this still an issue of an abusive user/high load? Keep nagging Support to get it fixed. Sometimes they can switch you over to another server, or they may just finally nail down the problem process(es).



On May 1st, they last claimed there was a “hardware issue” that was resolved. But it just went down again. That’s 7 times since April 19th. Each and every day since April 28th!!
Just submitted yet another ticket.


What are you using to monitor your uptime? Also, are you monitoring the load on your server? Finally, does the downtime occur at particular times of the day?

OBCurious: You’ll find more of these threads about distinguishing between downtime related to hardware problems and downtime related to “bad neighbors”. The latter is a chronic problem on most shared hosting providers, but does get better on Dreamhost as your server “ages”.

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