Outage on achilles.dreamhost.com

According to montastic.com (a free website monitoring service), my website www.djchuang.com has had 6 outages within the past 12 hours.

My website runs on the achilles.dreamhost.com server, and I’ve submitted an outage report via the Control Panel, but according to the wording there, they will assume the outage was resolved if no one else reports an outage on the server. So, if your website also runs on achilles, PLEASE put in an outage report so the DH tech staff will actually look into this problem!

FYI, here’s what their tech support wording says:

“When you submit a system-wide outage request, it is logged by our system. If another customer on the same service reports an outage it is marked as ‘confirmed’ and we are notified. If no other customers on that service report an outage for 45 minutes, it is automatically marked as ‘resolved’. If you continue to have problems after that, you’ll need to contact support as chances are you are not experiencing a system-wide outage.”

After 2 days of intermittent service, Dreamhost has resolved the network issues over at achilles. I even got an email reply, see: http://www.djchuang.com/2006/10/d1378