Out of space for primary instance on Dream Compute



The volume (80GB) for my primary instance (LAMP server) is nearly out of space.

Should I

create a new volume larger than 80GB
make a snapshot of my current volume
move the snapshot to the new volume
somehow make the new volume the primary volume

That would seem to be the correct course of action, but I don’t know if this is how it’s done on Dream Compute, or the details of how to do it.

Am I on the right track?


Or can I simply “Extend Volume”? I’d have to take it offline (as opposed to its current status, “in-use”) to do this I believe.

This seems too easy. I’m suspicious.


Well… lots depend on how your system is architected and how much downtime you can afford. One approach is to just boot a system with a larger volume and rsync from old to new. Then switch floating IP (if you have one) between the two instances and you’re done. You’ll need to schedule some downtime with this approach, or at least put your application in read-only mode of some sort.

Is this a bootable volume or did you boot from an ephemeral instance and attached a volume for data? if it’s an attached volume, take a snapshot, create a new volume from that snapshot, extend the new volume, detach the old volume from the running instance and attach the extended volume. It should work (haven’t tried.) If it’s a single bootable volume then you could create a new volume of the size you need, attach it to your running system, mount it and move some data to it. Change your application so that it uses the new volume to store its data.

Please share the architecture of your system in more details and we’ll try to give you suggestions on how to proceed.


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